Four Tips for Taking a Successful Entrepreneurs Journey

There is nothing more exciting than having an idea for a new business and working hard to turn that idea into a successful business.

This process is called the “Entrepreneurs Journey.”

As glamorous and exciting as that journey sounds, the pathway to starting and running a successful business can be riddled with potholes, landmines, detours and dead ends.

Your ability to anticipate those potholes and avoid them along your journey will be the real test of your entrepreneurial skills.

Here are some simple tips to remember along your Entrepreneurial Journey:

Tip 1  – Vision is everything

During your journey you will no doubt run into challenges.  But keeping your dream, mission and vision in mind will help you weather the storms and push through the hard times.  As the Bible says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Tip 2  – Focus on the fundamentals

Mastering the fundamentals of businesses is a key to your success.  Take the time necessary to listen to podcasts, read books, attend workshops, purchase online courses, etc.  Ask questions and apply what you learn.

Tip 3  – Get the tools you need

A common mistake most new Entrepreneurs make is trying to reinvent the wheel.  Avoid thinking that you have to start from “scratch.”  Instead use the forms, software, tools, processes and other resources others have already created.  Using these tools will save you time and money.

Tip 4  – Learn from mistakes

Along your Entrepreneurial Journey you will no doubt make mistakes and mess up.  Don’t fall into the trap of getting discouraged or taking failure personally.  Simply learn from your mistakes and start again with new knowledge.  The best strategy you can employ is by learning from the mistakes of others so you don’t need to repeat them to learn the same lessons.

Darin and I have started and run several businesses over the years and we have not only made tons of mistakes ourselves, but we have seen many of the mistakes of others.

Each of these experiences has made us wiser and has helped us both become successful.  This is part of the reason why we launched aCent101 in the first place.

Our vision and mission for the future is to provide new Entrepreneurs with the education and resources they need to successfully travel along their own unique Entrepreneurial Journey.

To help you get started on your Journey we have created a simple guide and training to show you how to create and build your business plan.

Click this link to access this free guide:

This guide will help you focus on the fundamentals, get the tools and resources you need and learn from the experience (and mistakes) of hundreds of others just like you.

Click here to grab your free guide and training now.

We look forward to sharing it with you!

Dannielle Parker and Darin Dallimore

Founders, aCent101

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